Commercial Work



From something as small as a tenant improvement project to anything as large as a multi-story mixed use building.


Office Trims & Interior

(Office “Fit-ups”)

Spaces may need to be converted to an entirely new purpose, while other just need a facelift. We understand the balancing of physical and aesthetic needs when transforming offices and are experienced in guiding that balance. Our clients have found that Interior fit-ups are fast paced and a very cost effective way to utilize existing architecture and infrastructure. Like anything, time is money, we get it. We are comfortable working within the constraints of an operating business.




Manufacturing spaces are a constantly changing environment. We understand the logistics of this sensitive work environment, and appreciate the impact of completing the work on-time and on-spec. Safety become a heightened issue and must be proactively managed as well. We know that our work is crucial in the operation of your business, so we execute these projects with the precision required to keep our friends in business.


Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Most prefabricated steel buildings seem simple at first, but require a good deal of precise sitework and interior finish out once framed and clad. Optimum has a longstanding relationship with Sunward Steel Buildings as dealer and installer. We have access to a vast catalogue of steel buildings and serve as a one-stop shop for the entire project.



Constructing a building is a significant investment. Optimum operates with respect towards clients who are earning their profits through managing a construction project well. Being on Budget affects the bottom line. We’re more than a general contractor: we’re a guiding partner throughout the construction process until – and even after – the final item has been completed.