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We exist to

build better

Build Better Relationships & Better Buildings. Construction isn’t just a job. For us, it’s a chance to make the world a better place by leading projects that connect people in Maine .



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We all know that contractor...

You know, the guy who promises everything, smiles and says, "I'll take care of it." Then disappears  leaving  you  with an incomplete project and all the responsibility.

That's not the way it should be.

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Meet the new generation

of Commercial and residential general contractor

We exist to serve everyone like they are going to be a friend, so we do the kind of work that builds a better relationship. Friends don't leave each other high and dry.

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Optimum believes in one thing

Build Better Relationships

When you work like we want to know a client or subcontractor or employee for the next 20 years, you think twice about the quality of your work, and how you treat people. No need for uncertainty, this is where we stand and what we value. Anything that builds a better relationship.

"Optimum has continually impressed me with their services and with unparalleled communication and work ethic"

Peter Waning | Senior Construction Manager , L.L. Bean

"What I really appreciate about Optimum is their accuracy and attention to detail. They are absolute perfectionists and always follow through with a plan."

Steve Goodrich | Former Founder & CEO, PowerPay

"Optimum walked us through the entire design and planning process and delivered superb results in a timely manner."

Jon Eames | President, NH Bragg



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Portland, Maine

PHONE (207) 712-7195   |    EMAIL Kendrick@optimumbuilds.com
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