We exist to build better relationships.

Construction isn’t just a job for us. It’s a chance to live out our personalities, skills, and passion for getting to know people. There’s just no other industry like this one, and we like getting to serve the people of Maine and Massachusetts through our mission of building better relationships.



Joining our Values to the Process.

How what we believe affects how we work.



LISTENING:  Paying attention to another’s Real priorities.

The law of good communication is that you must listen first. While we enjoy talking as a hobby, we place an emphasis on spending more time understanding someone before we speak. We start every project with deep listening, enabling us to craft just the right solution for your unique needs. We hope it’s just the beginning of a long relationship.


PLAIN TALK:  Telling the whole truth to bring clarity and direction.

We choose to speak frankly and honestly with people. If you need everything sugar-coated, we are probably the wrong company for you. Anything that gets in the way of clarity & honesty is a waste. And we prefer to bring efficiency to the project, keeping you on time and on budget.


NEW WAYS:  Enjoying problems. Inventing solutions.

One can either whine about a problem, or see it as a chance to learn. We pick option two. When a beautiful design becomes difficult to build, It gives us a chance to come up with a new way of doing something.

Creating an innovative solution for an age old problem is one of our best skills.


DURA-BEAUTY:  Straight lines and square corners that reflect our company’s integrity for years to come.

If we do good work, it will last for generations. The space around you should help you create the life people want to live or work in for years to come.


SHARED SUCCESS:  Everyone’s life benefits from our work together.

Our employees should have better lives from working with us. Their families should be encouraging them to stay with our company. Same goes for subcontractors. Same goes for clients. Success is a tide that lifts everyone’s boat.